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Join Date December 30, 2006
Status "Astronaut, as long as we're making shit up."
Position Leader
Birthday 3rd of April
Gender Chain Mail
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Dominicy is a member of little to moderate influence, most of which earned by his recent trolling activity. Dominicy doesn't know what the hell he's doing and will probably completely screw up his article. Outside of trolling, he is noted for at once raping a man who loosely deserved it for reasons yet to be realized and proving obvious potential as an erotica novelist. Of German birth and Austrian heritage, he commonly boasts being accused of Neo-Nazism.

Dominicy is a retired troll on Deviantart. His hobbies include pretending he can write, watching people complain, pretending Power Metal is decent, and most probably closet-furry-fandom. Easily his most outspoken ambition is to become a dark fantasy novelist, touting a one-third-complete novel already. Dominicy has a curious penchant for correlating phrases with links to articles (whether or not they exist or not is rarely of consequence) in a humorous fashion, as exhibited below.

He is second member and (vaguely definable as) co-founder of Divine Apple Productions, an as-of-yet noncommercial indie game development team, making up a third of the current three members it boasts.

Also he was hacked.

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